The season has come for new beginnings, spring cleaning and dare we say it - fresh closets! We have a lot of fresh items to showcase for this new season of 2018!
Updating your wardrobe can be a daunting task and recently a popular discussion has been the Capsule Wardrobes. We have so many wonderful bloggers available out there taking their time to personally invest in sharing how to create the perfect Wardrobe. One of my personal favorites is the blog by Caroline Joy called Un-Fancy
(www.un-fancy.com) Check her out if you are looking for an in-depth search.
However, I would love to share a few things!
1. The Capsule Wardrobe was created back in 1980 by a women named Susie Faux. And her purpose was to help women feel more confident professionally! From that point on, she wrote books on wardrobes, appeared on television and has continued to extend her knowledge all over social media! 
You can learn more about Susie Faux on her website 
2. Create a wardrobe of all your favorite pieces! This can be purchased or something you already have in your closet! 
3. The rest of the seasons get stored away in either a tote or bag! (Whatever works for you!)
4. There isn't a specific number of items you need. You just want to make sure that everything is absolutely loved and worn with confidence. 
5. Building off basics is the key, finding your color palette comes next!
6. This is YOUR wardrobe. You add what you love!
These are perfect additions!
Nothing Basic About It Tee - Off White

Everyone loves a good Tee - this one is soft, durable and with a cute slouchy pocket to last you all year! 
Call Me Later Boyfriend Jean
Awe - yes! The ripped jeans. They are a go - to! You can dress them up with some heels or throw on a pair of sneakers and you're ready to go!
Palm Beach Shift Dress - White
This dress is cute and flirty! You can wear it for a party or just a Sunday morning brunch! 
Anchors Away Cold Shoulder Blouse - Dusty Navy
This is the perfect Spring shirt for your capsule! It is a little sugar and spice with everything nice! 
Havana Nights Jumpsuit - Red Floral
This is a must. We can have our basics in our wardrobes, but we need a little something extra. And this is your something extra. 
We hope the pieces in our Closet will help you complete your Capsule Wardrobe! (Find all items on www.KoreCloset.com
 Kore Closet

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