Winter Wonderland

Hello Kore Cuties!
Today we want to talk about a few of our pieces as we step into the Holidays!
Kore Closet is located in Orange Country, CA and we know we don't experience a huge drop in temperatures but that doesn't stop us from wanting to stay in the snowy spirit! 
If you are located in SoCal or anywhere that experiences summer in the winter, here are a few tips on how you can get the Winter Wonderland style without having hot flashes every 10 minutes. 
1. Add a comfy sweater with a skirt instead of jeans! You can still wear your boots or booties.
2. Wear a light-weight sweater so it isn't so bulky. You will get the cozy feeling without the heat
3. If you go bulky, wear a t-shirt underneath! If it gets warm, you can take of the sweater!
4. Dresses are a perfect addition to a Winter style in SoCal, you can have long sleeves or even sleeveless with a cute cardigan! 
5. Booties are your friends, you can wear them with skirts, dresses or jeans! 
6. Layers are great! Keep the sweater or jacket on in the morning with a scarf and you can take them off as the weather warms up! 
Here are a few of our pieces that we love in the winter time, they are super weather appropriate for our friends in enjoying the "summery" winter! 
This is one of our favorite combos! 
This sweater below is the perfect SoCal Cardigan - lightweight but with a Winter Style, wear a tee and throw on a scarf! 
Again, throw on a tee and you cannot go wrong! 
Another light-weight cardigan that just speaks to you!
The perfect dresses 
This skirt is one of our favorite go-to's, it is also available in black!
We understand how frustrating it can be when you just want to dress like
'Baby, it's cold outside!' 
But don't stress, we have your back!
Xoxo, Kore Closet

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